Unnatural Dragons – A Science Fiction Anthology from Clockwork Dragon

True to it’s premise, this anthology presents four very different stories of dragons. From Lindsay Schopfer’s tale of a planet devoted to entertainment using people resembling creatures of fantasy, to a future imagined by Jeffrey Cook where A.I.’s have taken over and humans create dragons as a weapon to fight them, to a wild story from Lee French involving a portal to another world and mechanical dragons from this one, and finally to Sechin Tower who brings us an emotional story where a young dragon is conflicted by the attachment it feels to humans and the discovery of another of its’ kind and some of the most heartbreaking moments you may ever find in a short story..

Each story is well-paced and full of characterisation and action. More than that though is each story gives a look behind the curtain so to speak on how society works and where that might lead. Numerous themes are explored within its pages and using dragons of different types to tell these stories made for an emotional roller-coaster.

Sechin Tower’s story alone is worth picking this book up.  That there are three other equally great stories in it as well just solidifies that.

You can find Unnatural Dragons at http://lrd.to/unnatural-dragons


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